Indian summer in the Thau Archipelago

With an exceptional sunshine rate of 320 days per year, the Thau Archipelago offers a beautiful back-season to all those who wish to prolong the summer or treat themselves to a vitamin D cure after the start of the school year.

Leave the daily grind, traffic jams and dullness behind and experience the Indian summer in the Thau Archipelago! 
Not convinced yet? Here are some ideas for activities to get you started on your next stay... 

Muscatel wine tasting in a wine estate 

Between the maritime plains and the garrigues, the Thau Archipelago is now recognised as a wine destination par excellence. The area has also been awarded the Vignobles et découvertes label

If many producers open the doors of their domain to visitors wishing to taste the products of our soil, it is to the Domaine de la Plaine, in Frontignan, that we propose you to go today. 

In this magnificent place, winegrowers in love with their profession will share their passion with you. You will start with an instructive visit, during which you will discover all the stages of the production of muscatel wine. Afterwards, it's time for a tasting, and who knows, you might just fall in love! Then there will be time to make a purchase, to prolong the pleasure at home, or to please your friends and family. 
  •  - © Aurélia Blanc - Thau en Méditerranée
  •  - © Aurélia Blanc - Thau en Méditerranée

Boat trip 

Do you prefer the sea or the lagoon? Catamaran or sailing boat? In the Thau Archipelago, you are spoilt for choice! 
At sea with the Voiles Auriques association 
Embark on an outing on an old sailing boat and treat yourself to an authentic and relaxing moment. Sailing, introduction to traditional sailing, swimming, diving... Compose your own programme, and create memorable souvenirs, as a couple or with friends. 
On the lagoon with the Mansathau 
Accompanied by a former oyster farmer, board a catamaran and enjoy a guided tour during which you will discover all the secrets of the cultivation of the famous oysters of the Thau lagoon. 

It is also possible to attend "sunset" or "gourmet escapades", with oyster and wine tasting. 

Reservations are recommended. 
  •  - © Rodolphe Baras
  •  - © Didier Cavailhes - NPS

Bike ride on the beach

Autumn is the perfect time to take a walk on the beach, away from the crowds. And if you can do this on foot, you can also opt for a bike ride. 

To do this, head for the lido, a long sandy strip that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Thau lagoon between Sète and Marseillan. There you can enjoy fine sandy beaches, with blue skies as far as the eye can see, and the gentle breeze of the sea. 

If the effort is too great, take the greenway that runs alongside the beaches. For those in a hurry, this will allow you to link Sète and Marseillan, and for the more adventurous, you can take a tour of the Thau lagoon, passing through Mèze, Bouzigues and Balaruc-le-Vieux. 

Would you like to come without your bike? No problem, we have what you need. There are many bike hire companies in the area who will be able to advise you according to your needs and your level.
  •  - © Régis Domergue
  •  - © Régis Domergue

Hiking routes 

If you need to get some fresh air, get closer to nature and choose an activity that has no impact on the environment, why not choose hiking? Here are the routes available to you. 
Around the Saint Félix de Montceau abbey in Gigean 
For those who love beautiful panoramas! From the Gardiole massif, you will enjoy an incredible view of Sète, the Mediterranean, as well as the Thau lagoon and its oyster beds.

The balconies of Thau, from Frontignan 

The crossing of a fragrant pine forest will lead you to a first point of view on Frontignan and its vineyard. Climb up again and this time you will enjoy a panoramic view of the Thau Lagoon, the Mont Saint-Clair and the lido. Don't forget to bring walking shoes, this path is rocky!

Aresquiers hike, from Vic-la-Gardiole 

Ideal for families thanks to its lack of difference in altitude, this 9 km loop will first take you to the edge of the Ingril pond, in the middle of the sansouires (salt water vegetation). Bring binoculars to observe the birds! Your walk will continue in the Aresquiers wood. Its pine forest is home to rare plant species and a varied fauna. This is a fragile natural site, so please respect it!

Hiking in the Mourre hills, in Montbazin 

From Montbazin, head for the foothills of the Aumelas plateau, the Moure hill and its 360° panoramic viewpoint, notably over Sète and the Thau lagoon. As you pass by, you will discover some pretty capitelles, the dry stone huts that used to provide shelter for shepherds. 
The little extra: an audio-guide that will plunge you into the memory of Fernande, a shepherdess in the garrigues of Montbazin (available on the Izi Travel application).
  •  - © Régis Domergue
  •  - © Didier Cavailhes - NPS

Horseback riding in the Aresquiers wood 

Head for Vic-la-Gardiole for a horse ride in a preserved natural area: the Aresquiers wood. Close your eyes and imagine: perched on the back of a beautiful Camargue horse, you ride through a fragrant, shady pine forest, lulled by the song of cicadas. In the distance, small stretches of salt water appear on which you can see birds and pink flamingos... Tempting, isn't it? 

These rides are suitable for all levels, so you can start riding whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. It is also possible, if you have children, to opt for pony rides, on a marked out and secured course. 

A little tip: for more comfort, opt for trousers and closed shoes. 
  •  - © Luc Jennepin
  •  - © Olivier Octobre

Lunch on the port of Bouzigues 

Epicureans and lovers of good food will find their happiness in the Thau Archipelago, where gastronomy and the art of living are king.  

Treat yourself to a gourmet interlude during your stay by enjoying a lunch on the port of Bouzigues, facing the lagoon. Enjoy freshly caught fish and shellfish, flavourful Mediterranean cuisine and local wines. If the sun is shining, have lunch on the terrace to perfect your tan! 

Seduced by this small fishing village? Extend your visit by walking along the jetty alongside the port, and discover the ethnographic museum of the Etang de Thau to learn more about the culture of shellfish.
  •  - © Olivier Octobre
  •  - © Olivier Octobre
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