Good practice on holiday

Here are some recommendations for a good holiday in the Thau Archipelago: 

⚠️ Drought watch, let's limit our consumption ⚠️

The Hérault prefecture has placed most of the department, including the Thau basin, under drought alert due to the abnormally low state of the water table. Each of us is invited to save water by adopting the right reflexes:
  • Actively look for water leaks and have them repaired.
  • Do not empty swimming pools.
  • If you need to level your pool, do it at night between 8pm and 7am.
  • Reduce showering time and, in general, the time spent using water points (washing teeth or hands, etc.).
  • Limit watering of gardens to what is strictly necessary.
  • Do not water lawns during periods of severe drought; they will green up again when the first rains come.
  • Take into account rain that is expected or has already fallen.
  • Collect rainwater that is expected or has already fallen.
  • Water late in the evening to reduce evaporation losses.
  • Limit car cleaning. Wash cars at car washes.
  • Avoid washing roads and pavements.
  • Avoid cleaning terraces and facades that are not under construction. 
Do you want to go further? The Thau Nature website refers to all the good practices on different themes: at home, on a walk, on the water, at the beach, fishing...