Slow tourism

In search of meaning...

Because you aspire to one thing only: freedom, the freedom to contemplate, the freedom to breathe as you please, to engage in activities rich in beautiful encounters.

In Sète, wherever you are, the sweetness of life is in the pleasure of all these moments. Draw from its light, its smells, its flavours and the gossip of its inhabitants the creative energy that generates authenticity. 

Between the sea, the lagoon and the garrigues, this town set on the water will only reveal itself if you agree to lose yourself in the time it takes to walk along the paths of Mount Saint-Clair or the Pointe courte, the time it takes to have an impromptu picnic after a two-wheeled ride around the lagoon or to contemplate the sunset from one of the many viewpoints offered by this singular island and the Thau lagoon

The city reveals its full charm at a time when everyone is still asleep. From six o'clock in the morning, the Quai de la Marine is bathed in sunlight. Only the flight of the gulls will accompany your steps.

  •  - © O. Octobre
  •  - © R. Baras