Saffron, the hidden treasure of the Thau Archipelago

Le safran, trésor caché de l’Archipel de ThauLe safran, trésor caché de l’Archipel de Thau
Who would have thought it? Red gold in the Thau Archipelago! As well as being renowned for its oysters, wine and Muscat, the area boasts not one, but two saffron farms! So there's no excuse to make your dream come true and enjoy a fragrant excursion to Villeveyrac. 
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The saffron shop

Overlooking the Thau Basin, we invite you to discover this first saffron farm of 6000 m² nicknamed "La boutique du safran" or "My home farmer" and its owner Jorge Fernandez.

Passionate about plants and flowers for their aromas and effects, Jorge will be happy to take you on a fragrant journey to discover this red-orange spice, but also the aromatic plants and elderberries that he grows organically.

He will also share with you the traditional techniques inspired by permaculture and electroculture that he uses on a daily basis to grow saffron. You will then go to the drying room where he will explain that after harvesting the flowers in the morning when they are closed so that they retain their aroma better, he dries them to reveal the red gold of this purple flower.

This visit of about 45 minutes will conclude with the long awaited free tasting and even a gourmet snack (on reservation) with saffron tea or coffee, and pancakes with the products of the farm (saffron confit, elderberry jam, syrups, dried Hypose to decorate herbal teas...)

You will find these products in the shop of the establishment or directly online... Enough to give some ideas of gifts to bring back from your holidays.

The little extra: To fully enjoy the red gold of the Thau Archipelago, you should know that the flowers are planted in summer and that they bloom in autumn. The harvest takes place between the end of October and mid-November.  
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Suppot de safran

If you want to discover other variations of saffron during your stay in the Thau Archipelago, go this time to "Suppot de safran."

Playing on its name since 2020, this saffron farm is also nestled in the heart of the villeveyracoise scrubland and works the red gold, from planting to packaging, entirely by hand.

But what makes it different are the products that are offered in their shop (physical and online). We find by-products such as jams and salt from the Camargue, but above all :  
  • saffron pistils  
  • Demoncello (50cl): the first 100% French artisanal lemon/saffron liqueur.