• Poussan
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Poussan is a typical Languedoc village where life is good. Situated between the garrigues of the Moure hills and the vineyards, this small village has undergone a prestigious development since the 10th century and has an unsuspected charm. 

Poussan has not one castle, but three! Take a stroll to discover the Malbois, Montlaur and Garenne castles. The old town centre also offers many points of historical interest: the old priory house, Saint-Pierre church, ramparts, the chapel of the penitents... But also the superb covered market, built in 1905 in the Baltard style. The many winegrowers' houses also bear witness to the important winegrowing activity of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Guided tours of the town are offered in July and August.  

Need to recharge your batteries after this journey through time? For a bucolic interlude, take advantage of the surrounding nature between vineyards and garrigue. The Capitelles de la Moure path will take you to the heights of the village with beautiful views of the surroundings and the Thau lagoon. Here again, some nice surprises await you. It is not uncommon to come across small stone structures built in dry stone, the Capitelles, which recall the agropastoralism of the time. Old millstones can also be discovered in the surrounding countryside, bearing witness to the past of Poussan, which at one time produced millstones for the mills of the surrounding towns. 

It is also possible to reach the village of Montbazin by bicycle.  


GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.48662
Longitude : 3.66704