Paddle ride with tasting

I wanted to do a different kind of water activity,
something out of the ordinary.
Why not a "paddle muscat" outing in Frontignan?

  •  - © OT Frontignan
I'll jump at the chance and call the Tiki Center. I'm told that there's room for July 19th and that I have to pay for my paddle reservation at the tourist office shop. That's perfect. At 7pm, I meet a group of 12 people on the parking lot of the Frontignan-Plage windsurfers' roundabout.

After a quick lesson on dry land and an awareness of the fragility of the seabed, we can sail. So we set off for an hour and a half of paddle on the Ingril pond. We sail calmly towards the canal from the Rhône to Sète, but I still find it difficult to stand upright all the time... It's not easy to balance on these boards! On the other hand on my knees, it's much easier and really fun!
  •  - © OT Frontignan
  •  - © OT Frontignan
Arriving at the edge of the Bois des Aresquiers, we notice a 2CV in the distance. We join Yves de He has concocted for us a real wine and muscat tasting, accompanied by local products, a delight!

I am delighted with this unusual situation. Our tasting bar? A Paddle of course! Our chairs? Again and again a Paddle! We are arranged in a star shape, around Jean Christophe, our paddle instructor, who tells us about the wines and makes us taste, among others, dry, sweet and sparkling Muscat.
I wanted to be surprised, and I'm not disappointed! Small additional info: for those who do not wish to taste, it is possible to book without tasting the same walk. So go for it!