Introduction to scuba diving in duo

We've always dreamed about it, so this year we're going for it! Departure for an initiation to scuba diving
on the plateau des Aresquiers.

  •  - © OT Frontignan
On this sunny Wednesday in July, we have an appointment in the early afternoon at the diving center located on the east bank of the port of Frontignan. We are greeted by Pierre and Stéphanie, who will be our instructors for this first scuba dive at a depth of 6 meters.

Although very enthusiastic about the idea of discovering the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea, I must admit that I am a little stressed. But the team of instructors quickly puts me at ease and I listen carefully to the safety instructions.

We start by putting on the diving suits provided by the club: neoprene suit, stabilizer vest, mask, fins, tanks and diving regulator... everything is there? Let's go for the adventure!
  •  - © OT Frontignan
  •  - © OT Frontignan
Once everyone is ready, we embark on a barge to reach the diving spot "Les Ancres" on the Aresquiers plateau. The site is only five minutes by boat from the port of Frontignan.

Pierre tells us that Les Aresquiers are well known to the divers of the region: they find clearer water than anywhere else as well as a sometimes accentuated relief. Situated off the Gardiole massif, it is probably the underwater extension of it.

It's time to drop anchor and get ready to dive. For this first dive, I will dive alone with Stéphanie while Mathieu will be accompanied by Pierre. But we are bound to meet underwater during this underwater exploration!

Once in the water, the apprehension I had at the beginning disappears quite quickly. I remain concentrated on this new breathing technique through the mouth which after one or two minutes of practice becomes almost natural. I carefully observe Stéphanie's reassuring gestures as she accompanies me in this discovery of the underwater environment.

Here, the scenery is surprising: the gorgonians and anemones of the reef dance in the middle of octopus and starfish. A school of sea bream passes just before our eyes while a little further on, I see a red scorpion fish camouflaged on the rocks. Could it be Mathieu and Pierre who are signalling to us that everything is going well for them?

This feeling of weightlessness is really pleasant. I savour every moment spent in the heart of the underwater fauna and flora. Amazed like a child, I discover a new playground where the imaginary meets the real world. But after twenty minutes of diving, it's time to come back to the surface.
We return to the barge which takes us back to the marina of Frontignan. Both delighted with this first experience, we already plan to come back to discover this time the Thau lagoon and its famous seahorses!