Did you say Muscat?

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Knowing our destination also means discovering the history of the products of our region. Focus on a local aperitif: muscat!

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A Mediterranean grape variety, well adapted to the climate

Muscat is a typically Mediterranean grape variety, originating from Greece, planted in France with the first Phocaean colonies established in Marseille. If four types of muscat are cultivated in France, it is the white muscat with small grains that makes the reputation of the destination Sète Archipel de Thau.

An aromatic explosion

A well vinified muscat brings that musky and wild smell typical of this beverage that smells like a holiday.
It is both a slightly animal expression, of rosewood and lychee with fruity notes of orange, exotic and floral fruits (jasmine, lemongrass, verbena).
In short, an aromatic explosion!

Two appellations

The destination Sète Archipel de Thau has two appellations for white small-grain muscatel: "Muscat de Frontignan" and "Muscat de Mireval".
Our Muscat is cultivated and vinified by the sea, on the soils adjacent to the Massif de la Gardiole, in the communes of Frontignan, Mireval and Vic-la-Gardiole. This grape variety makes it possible to produce dry white wines, natural sweet wines and sparkling wines... all you have to do is push the door of our producers to taste them!