• Port de Bouzigues
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Port de Bouziguesbouzigues-l-jennepin-otthau-2929-1200px-94031degustation-coquillages-a-loupian-d-cavailhes-nps-ot-thau-19147-1200px-94032couple-au-restaurant-o-octobre-ot-thau-1870-1200px-94033le-musee-de-l-etang-de-thau-m-ricard-ot-thau-20401-1200px-94034parc-a-huitres-o-maynard-ot-thau-20326-1200px-94035huitres-bouzigues-m-ricard-ot-thau-19457-1200px-94036rencontre-fusion-oti-atelier-and-co-m-ricard-ot-thau-17446-1200px-94037plage-l-jennepin-otthau-2875-1200px-94038seniors-aperitif-port-de-bouzigues-d-cavailhes-nps-ot-thau-19119-1200px-94039


Ideal for lovers of seafood and the good life, Bouzigues is a peaceful village where a stopover is a must. Set on the edge of the Thau lagoon, its shores are studded with shellfish farms which have made its reputation. Indeed, it is the mason of the village, Louis Tudesq, who developed at the beginning of the 20th century the first technique of breeding oysters in the basin of Thau, from then on Bouzigues is inseparable from the oysters of the lagoon!  

You can of course enjoy the succulent shellfish and other fish from the Mediterranean and the lagoon in one of the charming restaurants that line the small port with the oyster beds in the background, as well as Sète and its Mont Saint-Clair. And don't forget to stroll through the narrow streets of the town with its floral fragrance and colourful houses! 
Some shellfish farmers organise visits to their farmhouses, where they work, and passionately reveal the secrets of their trade. Boat trips to discover their parks on the lagoon are also organised.  

If you want to go further, stop off at the Etang de Thau Museum. This "Musée de France" presents the fishing and shellfish farming techniques used in the lagoon. 

Every summer in August, take part in the oyster festival. Street entertainment, tasting stands and fireworks await you.   


GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.44712
Longitude : 3.65940