Birdwatching on the ponds

This morning, direction Frontignan-Plage for a walk along the ponds to contemplate the ballet of the birds.

  •  - © Masson - OT Frontignan
I learned at the tourist office that many species gravitate there all year round (more than 130) and that the spectacle is breathtaking, especially in spring, during the migratory period. The ideal is to go there early in the morning at sunrise, the colours on the pond and the shadows of the pink flamingos plunge you into a special atmosphere.

But first of all, what is birdwatching? It is a new tourist activity that comes to us from our English neighbours who are very fond of nature, fauna and flora. In France, we call it "birdwatching". It is a photographic hike which will also delight those who love beautiful pictures. I've been doing it for a few years now, and I'm a bit addicted to it!
  •  - © OT Frontignan
  •  - © OT Frontignan
As soon as I get out of my car parked on the parking lot near the beach of Les Aresquiers, I take my camera with me and go on an adventure! In the calm, I approach the Ingril pond just in time for the flamingos to take off. Their white-pink colour is reflected on the water. Time stands still, time to take a few pictures.

I resume my walk towards the port, the fishermen's boats float on my right on the pond and I soon reach the gulls' pond. It reminds me of Brittany with these gulls and their recognizable cry...
After the ponds, on the way to the old saltworks, rich in history but also with a very present fauna and flora. I find some pink flamingos and discover other species: ducks, waders and other terns that can be observed. If you like fish it is also a good place to discover some.

A panel informs us about the history of the salt marshes as well as the surrounding fauna and flora. Indeed, many plant species and birds live there serenely for the greatest pleasure of us "birdwatchers".

It's decided, I'm joining their cohabitation and put my suitcases down in Frontignan too!
  •  - © OT Frontignan
  •  - © OT Frontignan
PS: There is a circuit that you can follow by bike or on foot, it goes along the ponds of Ingril, des Mouettes as well as the old salt marshes.
For the Birdwatcher, a mobile application "Naturalist" has also been created in order to record your bird observations in an easy and quick way ;)