A weekend for two in Frontignan

Ideal place for a break in nature,
Frontignan will offer you a new breath!

We have booked for our weekend a guest room in the Frontignan beach area. Welcomed in this pretty apartment by the sea, we enjoy an evening of picnicking on the sand.

An awakening to the sound of the waves, we saw that sports classes on the beach are offered. So we will take advantage of a Yoga session to start the day off right.  Then to a beach restaurant, it's the opportunity to eat fresh fish!
From there we rent bicycles, we have been told about the Muscat Festival, and we intend to discover this "muscat petit grains" grape variety wine that makes the city's reputation. Head for the city centre to discover this famous muscat and the other wines of the region.
We take our tasting tickets and our glass, the winegrowers are present, they make us taste their local production. To accompany the whole we taste the local dishes: tapenade, oysters from the Thau lagoon, octopus tielle, brascucade (mussels cooked with vine stocks), a delight!
We take the opportunity to dance all night long in the various bodegas set up for the occasion and return safely along the bike path.

Our second and last awakening in Frontignan. This morning it will be a beach, my husband will do a few fathoms while I sit on a deckchair at the straw mattress "Reading at the sea". A wide choice of books and press are available. The sound of the sea rocked me, the sun was there!
Before leaving we wanted to try the famous "Medieval Challenge" case which, through enigmas, takes us back in time and allows us to discover Frontignan and its alleys! Something to take home with the history of the city in our heads.