A horse ride through the Aresquiers wood

Une balade à cheval à travers le bois des AresquiersUne balade à cheval à travers le bois des AresquiersUne balade à cheval à travers le bois des Aresquiers
At the gates of Montpellier, in the middle of the Aleppo pines, lulled by the song of the cicadas, here you are galloping with your hair blowing in the wind on a real Camargue horse...

Has this introduction given you ideas for your next holiday in the Thau Archipelago? Head for the riding centre along the Aresquiers road in Vic-la-Gardiole to enjoy this unique experience in the Aresquiers woods.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, come and explore the ponds of Vic-la-Gardiole, Ingril and even the old salt marshes of Frontignan on horseback or on a pony for the little ones. But first, a bit of history about the place you are about to discover!  
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The Aresquiers wood

Lost between the lagoons of Vic-la-Gardiole and Ingril, on the edge of the sea and the salt marshes, is the Aresquiers wood, an oasis of 179 hectares for plant and animal species.

A succession of Aleppo pines, steppes and salt meadows with samphire, this landscape worthy of a virgin forest is a paradise for hikers, but above all for ornithologists. A real bird paradise, you can observe (with or without binoculars): pink flamingos, warblers, owls, cuckoos, grey herons, little egrets, storks, ducks...

Charmed by the song of the cicadas and the smell of resin in the pine forest, you can walk or cycle through the Aresquiers wood or prefer to experience a unique experience on horseback!  
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The horse ride

In addition to offering you an immersion in the Aresquiers wood, along the Ingril pond and up to the Frontignan salt marshes, Marion and Patrick will be delighted to help you (re)discover the joys of horse riding, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider.

First of all, book the ride of your choice: 
  • 1 hour to discover the Aresquiers wood and the Ingril pond 
  • 2 hours with, in addition, a walk in the old salt marshes of Frontignan 
  • 30 min for the little ones (pony ride) 
Get to know the Camargue horses and ponies of the riding centre and let yourself be tempted by a brushing session accompanied by a few caresses. You will then have to put on your helmet (charlotte provided) and get on the horse!

Your group (maximum 12 horses) will then venture out into the moorland, the sansouires and the salicornia which make up part of the Aresquiers wood. On the way, take advantage of the privileged view of the Gardiole massif and, with a bit of luck, of the birds that fly away.

The more experienced can even try trotting and galloping, while the uninitiated can enjoy the quiet walk of their horse.

Tip: When you return from your ride, you will have the opportunity to have something to eat on site before setting off on your holiday in the Thau Archipelago. 
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