Our CSR commitments

The tourism of tomorrow that we want for the Thau Archipelago:

The respect of our environment, natural resources, taking into account the expectations of our customers, the development of soft mobility on the territory for the inhabitants and tourists, the development of a consumption based on short circuits.

Our objective is to act to develop, with the stakeholders of the destination, a tourist offer that respects our living environment while taking into account the economic and social requirements and the desire to promote a "4 seasons" slow tourism.

The Thau Archipelago Tourist Office is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a genuine approach to progress that integrates the challenges of sustainable development into its strategy, its action plan and all its internal practices and at the destination level. 
Our commitments: a responsible tourist office:
  • To help people discover our destination while preserving it.
  • To act on the protection of the environment by controlling our consumption and our environmental impact
  • Implementing awareness-raising actions for tourists and professionals in terms of environmental protection
  • Promote short circuits and soft mobility
  • Encourage residents to become ambassadors for the destination
  • Develop year-round tourism
  • Evaluate and communicate on our actions
  • Ensure the quality of services and actions undertaken
  • Ensure the well-being of the OTI's employees