La macaronade

If there is one dish that is emblematic and representative of the Sète tradition, it is macaroni.
It is eaten with the family on Sundays, it is eaten at the baraquette...

Not a jousting tournament takes place without it, and during the Saint-Louis and Saint-Pierre celebrations, it is a star!

It was undoubtedly the Italians who brought the term "macaroni" to Séte . They brought with them the cultural tradition
of the dough, and the word "macaroni", which was the embryo of the recipe developed over time in the Italian/Seto community.
In Italy the word "macaroni" is a generic term for everything prepared with macaroni .

Macaroni as we know it has been codified over time and it is in Sète that it became a specific thing :  
the macaroni "à la sétoise".
The Brotherhood of the Macaronade has tried to codify for many years "LA" precise recipe of the macaronade.
by conducting a close survey of Sète cooks.

To elaborate the recipe each one has his little secrets but the base is the same and the progression of the recipe is similar...
The small secrets in question are only in small details.